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February 5, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

Blue Shark

Apart from Hake fish products, Seawork is pleased to offer you other variety of fish species such as Blue shark. The processing of Blue shark is almost same as Hake fillets but with certain differences.

The Latin name of Blue shark is Prionace Glauca. Blue shark is caught in South-East Atlantic, by bottom trawlers. Trawling is a method of fishing that involves pulling a large fishing net through the water behind one or more boats. The net that is used for trawling is called a trawl. Bottom trawling is trawling (towing a trawl, which is a fishing net) along the sea floor.

Processing of Blue Shark is as follows:

The frozen gutted and headed Blue shark is skinned and trimmed according to customer specifications. It is then sorted, packed and blast frozen in accordance with good commercial practice to attain a product temperature of -18ºC or below. Skinning is done according to customer’s requirements.

The Blue shark is then coat with a protective layer known as the glazing process. It is glazed at 5-10% (according to customer’s specifications). Then, the trunks are packed individually wrapped (IWP) with high density foiling sheet.
The product can be best used before 24 months from the date of production. No sealing is done as Hake fillets and the weight of the carton is 25kg net.

For the packaging and labeling, if you want to put your own labeling, we are at your disposition or we can do our own packaging which include the name of product, Latin name, EU approval number, Best before and expiry date, address of manufacturer, EAN 128 bar code, FAO area, storage condition and product of Namibia.

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February 3, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

Seawork catches 10 metric tons of hake fish per annum

Seawork being the best Hake fish supplier catches approximately 10.000 metric tons of whole round Hake per annum. Our daily production capacity is ± 25 metric tons of Hake fish. As written in our previous blogs, all Hake fish are filleted by hand in order to ensure that the best quality products are being offered to our clients.

Seawork also respect green marketing. As Economic growth of our business is accompanied by environmental balance of the oceanic ecosystem, it is therefore inevitable to sustain well grown fishing populations and numerous measures to do so have been taken by the Namibian government and most Namibian fishing associations and companies.

Since consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable resources the Namibian Government and fishing companies are striving to become MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) awarded.

Since sustainability is a big issue to SEAWORK, we have already been accredited with the MSC – Chain of Custody certificate. This entitles us to handle MSC certified fish from sustainable resources all over the globe, and we are making sure, every Hake fish product either frozen Hake fillet or Hake fillets leaving our factory can be traced from raw material level to the individual packing and sealing the product itself.

Furthermore the Namibian fishing industry is bound to very strict restrictions, e.g. TAC (Total allowable catch quotas) which ensures the ecological balance of the population during the fishing season.

In addition, Trawling for Hake fish is not permitted in less than 200 m depth, in order not to affect other species natural habitat and to minimize by-catch.

The WWF states that Namibian and South African Hake fish is not being over-fished and is therefore a good choice when buying fish.

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January 29, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

Seawork’s objective is to offer the freshest Hake fish products

Our management’s objective is to offer our customers the freshest Hake fish fillets with the best appearance available. To ensure highest quality, every single Hake fish processed at our plants is being hand filleted.

Seawork employs 900 Namibian employees to work in our plant. This shows that Seawork contributes to the world of employment and reduces unemployment in Namibia. Seawork also contributes some of its fund in some schools in Namibia which provide facilities to students in order to go ahead with their studies.

Employing all these workers ensure that the Hake fish products being filleted by hand are of best qualities. Customization at the highest quality levels: be it a specifically moulded shape, certain trimming or weight specifications you require we are the right partner!

Our range of Hake fish products such as Hake fillets, Hake H&G or frozen Hake fillets are available on all continents of the globe. This is done in collaboration with our European partners “All-Fish Handelsgesellschaft GmbH, situated in Kronshagen/Kiel, Germany and Inlet Seafish in Spain.

This company, based in Germany is a strategic partner. Established marketing agreements make them responsible for the distribution of Seawork’s finished products in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Scandinavia and eastern-Europe. Our second network partner is based in Spain and is responsible for distribution in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

As a group we can draw from many years of experience covering all aspects of the process: from fishing through production, product development, to marketing and final distribution.

By letting you benefit from our experience of customized Hake fish processing, you will achieve results you never thought were possible!

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January 28, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

The one and only Namibian Hake supplier

Seawork Fish Processors (Pty) Ltd is a fishing and processing company based in Walvis Bay,Namibia specializing in the catching, value adding and marketing of fresh and frozen Hake fish products.

As Seawork has 10 years experience in fishing and catching Hake fish, the company has remained true to its mission of being a customer orientated value adding specialist.

Two production facilities, five trawlers and one long-line vessel enable us to guarantee our customers a continuous supply of high quality Hake fish products.

As a truly customer orientated processor, every single Hake passing through our production line is selected and filleted by hand securing a superior quality finished product at all times!

Furthermore we take pride in our constantly growing product portfolio, due to innovative product development, as we are able to meet all our customer’s individual needs, regarding a top class finished product including specific trimming and shaping, as well as customized packaging.

The mission of Seawork is to be a customer oriented value-adding specialist.Seawork wants to achieve this objective by sourcing only superior quality raw material and converting it into market-ready specialties using the latest packaging technology and highest quality standards.

Our goal is to:

  • be a highly profitable and efficient Hake supplier company
  • specialize in the procurement, value adding and marketing of seafood products.

We strive to achieve these goals by implementing innovative marketing structures. Furthermore, Seawork is committed to establish long lasting customer relationships built on premier services, quality products and ethical business practices. Together with strict cost controls and high efficiencies, the company aims to attain superior returns for its stakeholders.

Seawork is universally recognized over the world. We have potentials customers in all corners of the world, the European Union and other countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

At SEAWORK a “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System” (HACCP), a food safety management system has been implemented since the company started. The system relies on a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of the hazards and risks associated with a food operation and the defining of the means of their control. It is a preventative system for ensuring the highest food safety possible, but is not a stand-alone system. It is built upon other programs such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) which are built into our food safety system. Our HACCP system undergoes a bi-annual audit from SABS (South African Bureau of Standardization, Cape Town) to ensure that the company conforms to the necessary criteria. A certificate on compliance, valid for the next six months is issued.

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January 22, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

15 types of Hake fish products processed at our plant

Hake fish comes from the same family as Cod and Haddock but it is tastier as compared to other whitefish. It is a small fish of averaging 1 to 8 lb. In weight, but which has been known to grow up to 60 lbs. There are different species of Hake found over the world but Seawork offers the best Hake fish found in South Africa which is known as Merluccius Capensis.

Calories present in Hake fish: 75; carbohydrates: 0.5 g; fat: 0.9 g; protein: 18 g. it is also rich in calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Seawork offers a wide variety of Hake products. There are around 15 types of Hake products that are processed at our plant such as Hake fillets, moulded loins, Hake skin on, Hake skin off, etc. All our Hake fish products are filleted by hand which guarantee our clients that top quality hake products are being offered to them.

We give our clients a wide range of facilities like, they can order as per the grading they need the Hake products to be processed. Also, we can do our own packaging with our labeling on the cartons such as Name of product, Latin name, EU approval number, Net weight, Best before and expiry date, Batch number, Address of manufacturer, EAN 128 bar code.FAO Area, Storage conditions and Product of Namibia.

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January 19, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

Consumption of Hake fillets helps to improve heart muscles

Those who care for their health, consuming Hake fish is likely a choice. Hake fish either Hake fillet or frozen Hake fillets offer you a wide range of nutrients that are most vital for good and healthy life. Hake fish contains proteins which are easily absorbed by the body with little or no carbohydrate or fats.
Hake is a white fish that is mild flavored. It belongs to the same family as Haddock and Cod.  It is a deep sea fish.

Some of the benefits while consuming Hake fish are:

It reduces cardiovascular disease.

Research has shown that Hake fillet has been the best fish in terms of reducing atherosclerosis and heart disease in those who have diabetes. Consumption of Hake at regular interval in a meal has shown a decrease in risk of heart attack than those who don’t and also show a greater probability of meeting their vitamin B12 needs as Hake is high in that nutrient as well. Vitamin B12 along with vitamin B6, also found in Hake fillets, is important in helping to keep homocysteine levels low. Homocysteine is an amino acid in the blood. Epidemiological studies have shown that too much homocysteine in the blood (plasma) is related to a higher risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

It increases the heart muscles to function effectively.

As Hake fish is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, it improves the functioning of the human heart muscle and this helps to protect from experiencing an ischemic stroke.
Research has shown that the risk of experiencing ischemic stroke decreased by 9% in those who ate omega-3 fatty acid rich Hake fish at least 3 times per month, 13% in those who ate the fish at least once per week, 18% in those who ate the fish 2-4 times per week and 31% in those who consumed fish five times per week or more.
This shows that the more you eat fish in your daily diet the healthier you will always be.


January 15, 2010 / seaworkprocessorltd

Top quality Hake fish products offered by Seawork

Seawork Fish Processors (SFP) catches and procures approximately 9.500 metric tonnes of whole round Hake per annum. The fish is landed as Headed and Gutted on ice, and subsequently processed on land. All the fish at SFP is filleted by hand securing a superior quality finished product at all times.

The Hake is generally processed either into skin-on fillets, skinless fillets or moulded/folded products. The skin-on fillet can either be processed as PBI or PBO while most Hake fillets are graded into 2/4, 4/6, 6/8 and 8/10 oz weight range, Seawork is willing and able to grade exactly according to the customer’s requirements. The Hake fillet can be packed as inter-leaved or as pouched. Usually the Hake are plated frozen into either a 2 or a 5 kg carton. Customers may also opt on IQF products, in which case Seawork will shatter, glaze and re-pack the product according to customer requirements.

Moulded Loins

A Moulded Loin, is a product whereby two or three skin-less fillet pieces our moulded in a plastic pouch according to the customers weight requirements, and to a limited degree, the customers form requirements. The moulded loin can be sold as pouched. The moulded loin can also be sold as pouched as IQF.

Folded steak

A folded steak is a skinless fillet folded and frozen in a plastic bag. A skinless piece of Hake might be added to the product in order to increase the weight of the portion. This product can also be produced in almost any weight range as pouched or IQF.

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